Umpire & referee rostering

and payments

Our Umpire/ referee rostering and payments solution is simple and easy to use for all levels of a sporting body. Our solution not only allocates umpires/ referees to games but also helps to manage the entire pool so that if someone cant make it, it then allocates an alternative choice. Once they have completed their umpiring/ refereeing duties, payments can be automatically completed.

Umpires/ referees are notified via their phone of any changes to games and fixtures and have access to the Game Day app to ensure they are up-to-date at all times. Complete with information about their field/ court location, game time, teams they are Umpiring. It has never been easier.

Volunteer rostering

is now simple

Rostering volunteers for canteen, BBQ and other duties can be a real nightmare. Not only do you need to confirm their availability and agreement to assist but you also need to ensure they a clear about their required duties. Our system helps to alleviate all the pain associated with allocating volunteers providing them with calendar notifications and directions and a team communication platform should any issues/ concerns arise.



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