Setting up, managing and running a competition has never been so easy. Our intuitive platform not only provides drag and drop functionality, competition replication settings but also uses your competition historical data to make subsequent competitions very easy to set, manage and run.

Built specifically for

your competition

We will work with you to ensure that all of your competition management needs are met including customising your requirements around player to team allocations and venue management. Our platform retains all historical information making it really easy for you to ensure that you can constantly improve player engagement.

Intelligence makes

grading easy

We utilise Artificial Intelligence technologies to help make our systems more intuitive and easy to use. From helping player and team grading to simple and easy fixture establishment and management, Competition management is now much more educated and easier to use.

Import your draw or use

Our system to generate

The complexity of generating the most appropriate draw should be a thing of the past. Our draw scheduling can meet all of your needs, from round robins to knock out competitions to importing your existing draw – it’s very easy to use and integrate.

Fixture management

is now easy

Drag and drop functionality allows you to easily accommodate for changes to fields and courts, updating draws instantly making the entire process seamless..



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