Retire paper & pen scoring & gain significant time & financial benefits using our easy-to-use live scoring app. Scoring is displayed real-time to spectators and competition organisers and comes complete with offline functionality to ensure you are always covered.

real-time player

verification and eligibility

With real-time player verification and player eligibility, teams and administrators can ensure only eligible players play.

Results are automatically and instantly updated

to ladders

Once the game is final and scores are confirmed, results are automatically and instantly updated to existing ladders.

Integrates with your existing competition

management platform

You don’t need to change your current competition management platform to use our Live Scoring app. Our platform is completely open and can integrate with all other systems – either through API integration, CSV file upload or screen scrape.



Administrators also have the ability to communicate real-time with their entire sporting community including spectators, players, coaches, umpires, managers and scorers through the app advising any communications, announcements, or even advertising offers they would like to promote.

Advertising revenue


We also offer an advertising platform for Clubs, Associations, State and National bodies to monetise which can provide substantial revenues – either increase the footprint of your existing sponsors or negotiate new sponsors to own this space.



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